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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Unleash Precision: Accutex Wire Cut EDM Machines at Phillips Corp

With over 20 years of experience, AccuteX has become a world-class provider of CNC wire EDMs. AccuteX EDM machine tools provide outstanding innovations and competitive pricing, making them a valuable asset for growing your business and your profit. 

Hundreds of test cuts have proven that AccuteX outperforms competitors when it comes to speed and finish. Because of its low cost of initial investment and operating and user-friendly in-house developed CNC control, AccuteX EDM machines remain the number one choice for many current AccuteX EDM users. Test Cuts will prove we will outperform our competition when it comes to speed and finish coupled with price. 


The GA Series, AccuteX’s new standard for General Wire-cutting EDMs, offers excellent cost-performance and high speed. It’s a reliable choice for wire-cut applications, featuring a space-saving design, automatic wire threader, and submerged machining up to 8 inches. Available with traditional ballscrew-style or linear motor systems. 


AccuteX plays a leading role EDM in manufacturing field in Taiwan. Highquality and service is our management philosophy for years. Our AU CNC cutting wire machines are all with best cost and user-friendly. Moreover, the Accutex unique intelligent servo-control wire-threading technology, together with multi-detectors, makes the threading system possess high speed and good reliability, achieving highly efficient auto-machining as well.


Wire Cut EDM

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