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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Phillips Legendary Service

About Us

We are additive & machining experts growing competencies around the world resulting in leaps in productivity and prosperity. Our Phillips Community is a unique blend of high performance, passionate, and deeply caring individuals and teams, on the path to virtuosity.

Our Mission: To partner with thought leaders and creators providing the needed know-how and machinery to transform human society in ways that make life immeasurably better.

Our Vision: To accomplish our mission by being the world’s best supplier of manufacturing technology.

What we do.

We partner with our metalworking customers to improve
competencies for applying manufacturing technology
– resulting in leaps in productivity, great prosperity, and
enduring competitive advantage. 

Phillips Corporation supports the future of
manufacturing by providing unparalleled service,
expertise, and innovative thinking for
both subtractive and additive manufacturing processes.


Phillips Legendary Service

Our goal is to make a profound and different impact on our customers, something we often refer to as the “Phillips Customer Experience”. This gives our partners, at the point of contact, the ability and responsibility to influence what our customers think about Phillips. We take pride in our partners providing the Phillips Customer Experience in all they do.

Michael Garner the President, Phillips Commercial

"We’re confident that our sales, service, and application Partners know what needs to be done to revolutionize the experience we create for our customers and it is our belief that Phillips 360 Teams will give them the opportunity to accomplish this.”

If you think you know everything, you are not going to get anywhere. You got to be willing to reach out and learn and Phillips has a lot to teach.
Stan Wright
Machine Shop Manager at Nighthawk
The hugest benefit for us was the pace. The speed that we were able to go from where we were which was no understanding, no machines, nothing - nobody in the building could machine a thing to running all of our own small parts for this bike as well as me being able to program and machine parts of my own in a 5-week span, it was far greater than expected.
Sam Pickman
Director of Product at Allied Cycle Works
I'd recommend working with Phillips in the future. Their design team is helping us through some design challenges with a new product we are going to try. Their knowledge firsthand has been very beneficial.
Kevin Tucker
Lead Engineer at Kooks Custom Headers


Learn about our Company background, our people (partners), our greatest asset, and how the growth of our people have led us to be leaders in our industry and advocates for our customers.


Our unique culture is our competitive differentiator with a focus on continuous improvement and high performance.

We are Global


Offices & Showrooms

Birmingham, Alabama
Little Rock, Arkansas
Flowery Branch, Georgia
Hanover, Maryland
Colfax, North Carolina
Bensalem, Pennsylvania


Education Centers

Thaddeus Stevens College, PA
Greenville Technical College, SC
Midlands Technical College, SC
TCAT Smyrna, TN


Damman, Saudi Arabia
Sharjah, UAE
Cairo, Egypt




Dhaka, Bangladesh
Panadura, Sri Lanka

Machines Installed
0 +
Haas Technical Education Centers across 12 states
Haas Factory Outlet Showrooms

Make your mark. Join our Team!

When you join the Phillips community, you will enhance your career, creativity, and intellectual growth while being a part of a company committed to becoming the best supplier of manufacturing technology only through the development of partners like you! Here you can apply for opportunities at Corporate, as well as any of our Performance Centers including Phillips Commercial, Federal, & Phillips Machine Tools India.

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