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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

5 Maintenance Skills You’ll Master
in a Haas Service Training Course

Ready to take your Haas maintenance and service repairs in-house? Our Haas Service Training course offers a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Haas machines through dedicated instruction and hands-on experience. The week-long course will equip you with the tools and skills you need to successfully manage your Haas machines – helping save your business time and money.

Here are five skills you’ll master:

1. Understanding Machine Fundamentals:

You’ll learn about the command and control systems that make up all Haas machines. How do they interact with each other? What causes them to break down? Understanding these fundamentals will help you identify and fix problems right away.

2. Diagnosing Problems:

Correctly diagnosing problems is key to fixing them quickly and efficiently. Using your knowledge of Haas systems, you’ll learn how to investigate and identify maintenance issues to get your machine back running smoothly – minimizing time spent troubleshooting and reducing business downtime.

3. Hands-on Troubleshooting:

Our small class sizes and state-of-the-art facility – which houses over a million dollars of Haas equipment – provide the perfect environment for hands-on learning. Through firsthand experience taking apart machines, handling equipment, troubleshooting and performing repairs, you’ll gain real-world skills to increase safety and efficiency on the job.

4. Interacting with Machine Systems:

You’ll develop a deep understanding of machine systems and parts – including the spindle and belt replacement, the automatic tool changer and the axis motor replacement. You’ll also master proper maintenance and handling techniques, like how to remove and reinstall tool changers, so you can confidently manage your machine.

5. Avoiding Common Pitfalls:

Several common (and costly) mistakes can get in the way of Haas maintenance and repairs. Understanding – and avoiding – these pitfalls will save you time and money. Learning the correct diagnostic and troubleshooting skills will stop you from needlessly ordering costly parts that don’t fix the problem.

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