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Brand Ambassador – David Farrell

David Farrell is a Service Engineer by day and a barbecue pit master by night, at least on some nights. David loves to cook with smoking and barbecue being his specialty. He is often asked to provide amazing barbecue for Phillips sponsored events. … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Brandi Pals

Brandi is known for her big smile around the Hanover office. She greets everyone with a huge hello and a cheery “how ya doing?”. As a huge dog lover, she spends a majority of her spare time spoiling her adorable dog, Fanci. She … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Shannon Stanley

What does Shannon have to say about being a Brand Ambassador? “To me, being a Brand Ambassador means always being ready to take on new challenges, creating better ways of accomplishing goals, and doing it all with a smile.” You may not know … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Atul Gadekar

Atul Gadekar,  Sales-Assistant Manager at HFO Pune, is dedicated to his fellow partners, customers, and work. To become a Brand Ambassador one must actively show continuous improvement with great accomplishments along the way. A Brand Ambassador must engage partners, build trusting relationships, and be … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Steve Link

Steve Link is a passionate, dedicated man driven to achieve the outstanding and to encourage the best work possible in himself and others. He’s a team player who focuses not only on his success but on the success of all those around him. … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Cheney Chen

Cheney Chen, Purchasing Manager at Haeger Shanghai, is compassionate, dedicated, and motivated by a continued desire to learn as much as she can. She embodies all of the characteristics of a Phillips Brand Ambassador – going above and beyond to improve relationships, processes, … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Keith Race

The Phillips brand goal is to be the best resource in manufacturing technology, providing legendary value to our customers. So, it’s no wonder Keith Race is a Phillips Brand Ambassador. Keith’s team leader, Service Manager Sam Jones, says “Keith has become a tech that … Read More…

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